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Whoever wants this photoshop picture I made of Sam without the watermark, has to do a great little story with him and his own baby, his motorcycle. If it’s wincest or J2  I will give it a +. If it has Gadreel I will give it an extra ++. (So send me a note)

Must see!


I haven’t stopped laughing for the past half an hour, if you haven’t seen the bloopers yet you’re missing out

random/compilation gag reels

Enjoy the hysterical footage, friends


This took me most than expect.
Required programs : XNAlara and Photoshop cs5.
I’d like to thank :iconsumirehaikuxna: for the model dante , without it I could not edit dante in XNAlara . So thanks hun for sharing th e model.
For those who are intersted in model can find it here :

Estimated time : 4hrs .
Dante wallpaper, fan made with no intentions of selling.
Please feel free to download and be kind, it’s first time I use XNAlara on a model .

Wow this is beautiful
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