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The new Supernatural Season 9

  • I was thinking about Metatron. Since he's not a good guy. To win against bad you have to bring the worse when the good is not strong enough. So instead of looking for the stairway to heaven. I think they should open Lucifer ' s cage. Inside are the two most powerful angels that have ever existed. One good and one bad.

  • Lucifer won't stand to be second to anyone. He will destroy Metatron and Abbadon. As for Michael he will lead the army against Metatron and Lucifer. So is a win-win.

  • What you guys think? Comment away please.




Supernatural S9 Episodes

I’ll update this list with new eps and links to watch them, after every new episode airs! <3

S9, Ep1 Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

S9, Ep4 Slumber Party
S9, Ep7 Bad Boys 
S9, Ep9 Holy Terror
S9, Ep10 Road Trip
S9, Ep11 First Born
S9, Ep12 Sharp Teeth
S9, Ep13 The Purge 
S9, Ep14 Captives 
S9, Ep15 Thinman 
S9, Ep16 Blade Runners
S9, Ep18 Meta Fiction
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